June 15, 2024

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“What Am I Paying My Taxes For?”: League of Legends Veteran Tyler1 Has An Emotional Outburst and Opens Up About America’s Healthcare System After The Tragic Incident

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It has been a tough few days for the League of Legends star streamer Tyler1. His girlfriend had shared an emotionally wrenching note on social media informing the community of the shocking incident. Macaiyla expressed a state of grief after suffering from an unfortunate miscarriage. The news took the whole gaming community by shock. Now for the first time, the streamer has candidly expressed his state in his latest stream. 

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Tyler remains to be one of the most appreciated streamers because of his fun-loving, charming, and positive attitude. It is definitely the hardest time for the League of Legends pro. The streamer briefed about the incident and didn’t step away from bashing America’s healthcare system for a tentative failure. 

“What The F**k Is NA Healthcare”: The League of Legends Star Couldn’t Keep His Calm


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Tyler Steinkamp aka Tyler1 had earlier informed his League of Legends community about his changes in schedule. This marked the beginning of the couple planning to start a family. Unfortunately, things ended in such a horrific way. The community expected an emotional outburst considering the unfortunate series of events. The man couldn’t keep his calm as he went on to talk about how disappointing the healthcare management of the city was.


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He quoted, “So long story short, what the f**k is NA healthcare by the way. Just sit here and tell me do my taxes do anything? What am I paying my taxes for if my significant other is in the ER for two hours dying.” As the burst out carried on, the streamer was seen getting emotional. The League of Legends pro clearly mentioned how his girlfriend was made to wait for two hours to get proper medical attention. 

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The issue raised by the streamer was concerning and scary. The audience in the live stream also supported the gamer calling his allegations on the system accurate. The miscarriage had completely shattered the couple and it would take a lot of time and courage to cope. 

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His fans stand by him and his girlfriend and hope god gives him the strength to get back stronger in life. Considering what the couple has faced in the last few days, fans believe the outburst is rational and justified. Our thoughts and prayers to the couple for the toughest of times. 

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