July 17, 2024

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CCH Sleep Center reaccredited, highlights importance of sleep health

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GILLETTE, Wyo. — Campbell County Health’s Sleep Center has been reaccredited by the American Academy of Sleep Medicine, the healthcare organization announced Friday. 

For sleep health, the accreditation represents the highest standard of care, reflecting the dedication and expertise of CCH’s Sleep Center team and its pursuit to meet the healthcare organization’s mission, according to a June 21 release. 

Dessie Hoxie, Sleep Center services manager, says the accreditation is the gold standard of excellence that ensures CCH provides the best care from a sleep health perspective. 

First accredited by the AASM in 2014, the reaccreditation process required four months’ worth of effort. During that time, CCH met strict requirements with the best practice and procedures, quality care outcomes and the involvement of a physician board certified in sleep medicine, among other things, the release states. 

“The dedication and hard work of the entire CCH Sleep Center team was instrumental in achieving reaccreditation,” the healthcare organization says, noting in particular the efforts of Sleep Tech Coordinator Alexis Beug and Office Coordinator Arianne Roberts for their significant contributions. 

Per CCH, the Sleep Center addresses a myriad of sleep disorders under the physician leadership of Dr. Michael Nolledo. The center offers treatment for obstructive sleep apnea, insomnia, restless leg syndrome and parasomnias such as sleepwalking and sleep eating. 

According to the release, sleep disorders significantly affect daily life and overall well-being. If left untreated, these conditions can escalate to serious health problems such as hypertension, obesity and diabetes. 

“During the night, your body is supposed to be resting, and even a couple of seconds’ pause in breathing is very harmful,” Hoxie said. “Sleep health is fundamental to our well-being.”

Hoxie says the center sees many insomnia patients given the number of shift workers in the community. 

“Some time ago, we had a patient who would fall asleep literally standing up,” Hoxie said. “He came in for a sleep study and it was life-altering for him. You don’t realize how poor your sleep is until you start getting good sleep.”

Per CCH, this patient’s story underscores the life-changing impact of proper diagnosis and treatment of sleep disorders. The center is currently accepting new patients, and those interested must obtain a referral from their primary care provider. 


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